Buffy is spinning recycled PET and eucalyptus into the most comfortable comforter on Earth

I think consumers are becoming more demanding. A big part of how Buffy has grown so quickly is this Millennial set. We’re starting to shop around for this stuff more and be a little more scrutinizing. For a generation that is so cultured by the wellness phenomenon, from everything from what we eat and exercise with and consume, it’s crazy how it’s touched every part of our lives except for soft goods. So Buffy has an opportunity to bring this mindfulness to soft goods.

— LEO WANG, Founder, Buffy
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True Botanicals is giving the beauty industry a make-over with super-concentrated, bio-active formulations that are good for people and planet

We’re paving the path to a healthier beauty industry. We set out to create something most people didn’t think was possible: nontoxic skincare that actually works. Our independent clinical trial results prove that the harmful chemicals inside most beauty products aren’t necessary. We’re showing women, the beauty industry, and the world that we can have the results we want without harm to our health or the planet.
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Naadam is a luxury knitwear company sourcing and producing the world’s finest fibers, while preserving the values and livelihood of nomadic herders

I founded Naadam because I believed there was a better way to build a sustainable brand. We fundamentally wanted to help people, that’s what drove our research and instinct to drive meaningful change. We want people who share our value system of honesty, pragmatism, and transparency to help contribute to it. As we grow, the larger our platform to share our message becomes. That’s what drives me, that’s why we do what we do.

— MATT SCANLAN, Founder, Naadam
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Evrnu is a technology company  transforming textile waste into pristine new fiber

During a routine audit trip in China, as I sat in a smog-filled textile factory conference room, I realized that this unhealthy situation existed in part because of the millions of yards of fabric I had sourced in my career.  I knew then that I had to address this serious problem, so along with my partner Christo Stanev, we founded Evrnu to create a new fiber technology offering unprecedented performance and environmental advantages, now being adopted by the world’s best  brands and retailers.

— STACY FLYNN, CEO and Co-Founder, Evrnu
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Tushy is upgrading bathrooms with a modern bidet attachment that conserves resources with every flush

My mother is from Japan and my father is from India and both cultures grew up with the bidet. I never understood why we used dry toilet paper to “clean” the dirtiest part of our body. It became clear that it was time to get out of the 1800s (when toilet paper was introduced to Americans) and into the 21st century. Water is the universal solvent to clean ourselves so my team and I introduced a modern, designer, affordable bidet – this simple device saves 15 million trees from getting flushed down the toilet each year and upgrades your health, hygiene and life.

— MIKI AGRAWAL, Founder, Tushy
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This Bar Saves Lives is helping to end global malnutrition through conscious snacking

We believe that every child, no matter where they are born, deserves a chance to thrive. We believe that talent is distributed evenly, but opportunities are not. Therefore, our mission is bold: to end global malnutrition through every day actions. Every time you buy a bar, we give live-saving nutrition to a child in need.

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